McDonald's Halloween Buckets

The Halloween Is Happening And McDonald’s Halloween Buckets Are Here To Make It Even Special 2023.

McDonald’s Halloween Buckets: The Boo Buckets are set to haunt participating McDonald’s locations nationwide starting October 17, 2023. But beware, these buckets are available only while supplies last, adding an extra layer of thrill to your Halloween quest. To snag one, all you need to do is order a kid’s Happy Meal either in-store or through the McDonald’s app.

McDonald's Halloween Buckets

McDonald’s Halloween buckets: The Spooky Delight! 

October is upon us, and you know what that means – McDonald’s halloween buckets, better known as Boo Buckets  are making a spooktacular return! These Halloween-themed Happy Meals have been a cherished tradition since their debut in 1986, adding a delicious twist to the trick-or-treat season. This year, McDonald’s is upping the bar with four new designs – Monster in green, Skeleton in orange, Mummy in white, and the debut of the Vampire in a haunting shade of purple.

McDonald’s Halloween buckets: A Quick Overview. 

McDonald's Halloween
Boo Bucket Designs 

Happy MealOptions Limited-TimePeriod 
MonsterGreenStarting Oct.17Hamburger OrMcNuggetsOct. 17- Oct. 31
Skeleton OrangeParticipatingLocationsFries Or Apple SlicesWhile SuppliesLast
Mummy WhiteNationwideChoice Of Beverage 
VampirePurpleLimited Stock

McDonald’s Halloween buckets: A Colourful Quartet

What makes this year’s Boo Buckets extra special is the vibrant quartet of designs. The Monster bucket, with its eerie green hue, adds a pop of color to your Halloween adventures. The Skeleton bucket in bold orange brings a playful yet spooky vibe, while the Mummy bucket, wrapped in white, adds a touch of mystery. The star of the show, the Vampire bucket in royal purple, is making its grand entrance for the first time, promising a bewitching experience.

Happy Meals, Happier Moments

McDonald's Halloween Buckets

The Boo Buckets aren’t just eye-catching; they house a complete Happy Meal that guarantees a delicious and delightful experience. Whether you opt for a classic hamburger or the beloved chicken McNuggets, your meal will be accompanied by a side of fries or apple slices and your choice of beverage. The best part? The Boo Bucket itself becomes a keepsake – a tangible memory of your McDonald’s Halloween adventure.

McDonald’s Halloween buckets: Limited-Time Thrills

McDonald’s is no stranger to creating limited-time sensations, and the Boo Buckets are no exception. These spooktacular pails will be available for a short two-week window, from October 17 to around October 31, ensuring you capture the Halloween spirit before it vanishes into thin air.

McDonald’s Halloween buckets: A Nostalgic Flashback.

The Boo Buckets made their debut in 1986 with three designs – McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin – all in the classic Halloween hue of orange. Due to their immense popularity, McDonald’s continued to bring them back sporadically in the following years, becoming a beloved part of Halloween traditions for families across the country.

The Competition: Burger King’s Trick-or-Heat Buckets

This year, McDonald’s Boo Buckets face a bit of friendly competition. Burger King is stepping into the Halloween bucket arena with its “Trick-or-Heat” buckets, available in select markets. Featuring glow-in-the-dark designs inspired by Burger King’s new ghost pepper menu additions, these limited-edition buckets will be available starting October 13.

A Double Treat: Swicy Sauces

But wait, there’s more! McDonald’s is turning up the heat in more ways than one. Starting October 9, participating locations nationwide will offer two new swicy sauces – Sweet & Spicy Jam and Mambo Sauce. These limited-time additions bring an extra layer of excitement to your McDonald’s experience, proving that October is truly a month of flavorful surprises.

Bottom Line. 

In conclusion, McDonald’s Boo Buckets are more than just a Halloween tradition; they’re a symbol of joy, nostalgia, and the playful spirit of the season. As you embark on your Halloween adventures, don’t miss the chance to grab a Boo Bucket, Savor the new swicy sauces, and make this October a month to remember.


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