When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? 

When Does The Barbie Movie Come Out? 2023

When Does The Barbie Movie Come Out? The fever dream finally came true when Greta Gerwig, the legendary director of Lady Bird and Little Women announced her new project: Barbie Movie. Read on to find out more about this Barbie craze that has took internet by a whirlwind!

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? 

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out: Release Date, Cast, Soundtrack and More. 

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? You might have seen a whole lot of animated barbie movies in your childhood, but the world of movies never got to see the real-world representation of the dream house and hot pink cars. While the idea had been discussed for years, it never came close to being a reality. That was untill Greta Gerwig took it upon her shoulders to bring the idea to life. 

The story plot is an exciting one with the Mattel doll, Barbie, played by Margot Robbie travels into the real world after having “human” thoughts like “do you ever think about dying?”. The movie takes us through her journey and the revelations she has through out. 

The Barbie Movie

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? As soon as the trailer hit the screen, internet was swarmed with fans gushing over the pink themed movie whereas the experts complimented the on-point cinematography. 

Fashion Designer Jacqueline Durran, stated during an interview in Vanity Fair, “Malibu Barbie is key” implying that the setting of Barbieland near a beach sets the perfect mood. When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? 

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? 

Now let’s address the burning question: when does the Barbie movie come out? 

After an ever-going anticipation of when this blockbuster will hit the cinema, Warner Bros finally announced that the Barbie and Ken Getaway will be streamed globally on 21st July 2023 alongside Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Oppenheimer. 

The moment the film hit the screens, a sea of crowd dressed in hot pink or black was seen in every cinema. Talk about a global together! 

Cast Of Barbie Movie. 

Let’s just say, every Hollywood superstar we knew was casted either in Oppenheimer or Barbie. However, in Barbie, there was no such character distinction: everyone and anyone was a barbie! Experts say that one of the reasons behind Barbie becoming a 2023 Cinema was hit was it’s cast. 

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? Our Barbie and Ken couldn’t have been played by anyone better with Margot Robbie starting as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. The super stars did not just do a remarkable job at embodying the spirits of toys but also left us stunned with their dance moves! 

Another notable character in the movie was weird barbie, played by Kate McKinnon. She lives alone far away from the Barbieland with other rejected Mattel products like Sugar Daddy Ken. The Barbie had a notorious reputation in the Barbieland however she came to rescue for Margot Robbie by providing Barbie the way out of her existential crisis. 

Other cast members Included Alexendra Shipp as the writer of the Barbieland, Issa Rae as President and Hari Nef as the Doctor. 

The Barbie Movie

Barbie Soundtrack

Apart from the well-thought storyline, A-list Cast, Soundtrack of the Barbie move didn’t fail to leave the fans starry-eyed and in awe. 

Top names of the Music Industry like Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj collaborated in creating the most iconic theme songs of all time. Here are the nitty gritty of every song track of the movie. 

  • Dance the Night By Dua Lipa
  • Barbie world by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice
  • What Was I Made For By Billie Eilish
  • I am Just Ken by Ryan Gosling

Bottom Line of Barbie Movie

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out? And that was all the hot pink tea we had on this Greta Gerwig Blockbuster which not just had everyone “wow-ing” but also brought back the memories of childhood and united fans under the shade of pink. 


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