Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series

Everything You Need To Know About Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series- The Lightning Thief 2023.

Based on Rick Riodan’s Five Volume Tweener Series, Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series-The Lightning Thief has left us in-awe. Read on to find out more about this masterpiece brought to life by Director Chris Columbus and Screenwriter Craig Titley

Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series

Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series- Stream It or Skip It?

The movie revolves around a boy who at first looks like your average teenage boy untill he stumbles upon the shocking discovery that he is half human and half-divine son of the Greek God, Poseidon. After discovering his true identity, the teenager must steal a special lighting to prevent the war between two worlds. 

While the film is adorned with special effects and the cinematography is top-notch, critics are saying the film lacked a proper chronology, thus appearing as a “less-entertaining version of Harry Potter”.

Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series- Quick Overview 

Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series
Director Chris Columbus 
Release Date 2nd February 2010
Producers Chris Columbus, Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson and Pierce Brosnan
IMDB rating 5.9/10


Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series- Who is In the Cast? 

The Cast of the movie is a fairly good one with Logan Lerman starring as Percy Jackson. This leading role turned out to be a breakthrough to new heights in Lerman’s Career and he hasn’t looked back ever since. 

Another key role was played by the up-and-coming actress Alexandra D’addario who effortlessly pulled the character of Goddess Athena daughter, Annabeth Chase. The movie also turned out to be a turning point in D’addario’s career as after this project, she was featured in big projects like White Collar and Parenthood and made her comeback in the 2013 sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters alongside Lerman. 

The ever-famous actor and comedian, Brandon T Jackson was casted as Percy’s  Protector and friend, Grover Underwood. And to say that he nailed the character is an understatement! 

Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series was also the debut of Pierce Brosnan in Hollywood by playing the teacher Mr Bruner who was later turned into an undercover centaur. 

And now for the star of the show, the Greek god Poseidon, the role was given to Kevin McKidd who was by then already killing in the industry and further amplified his acting persona in the role as Percy’s Father. 

Where Did Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series Took Place? 

A major chunk of the movie takes place at the Camp Half-Blood,  an institute which mentors young demigods like Percy himself which was based in America. However as the storyline progresses, the characters are transported to Mount Olympus, a floating mountain above the Empire State Building which is based in the United States as well.

Percy Jackson and The Olympian Series 2023

To keep the line drawn between the humans and the gods, The Mist is used which is an invisible phenomenon that conceals the enigmatic locations and transforms the gods into ordinary real world objects. Only those who shared a connection with the gods, like Percy, were able to see through the Mist. 

While the series was shot within the boundaries of the US, a variety of locations were used like Medusa’s Lair at the New Jersey Turnpike and the mighty entrance to the underworld at Los Angeles. However regardless of the location, a mystery is hidden at every corner of the series. 

Bottom Line of Jackson and The Olympian Series

Percy Jackson And The Olympian Series- The Lightning Thief introduces Hollywood fans to Greek Mythology in an enticing way. While some may argue that the movie has taken in the exact footsteps of Harry Potter, we can’t deny that the mystery got us all hooked!


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